Living in Other Countries

Forest lake in summer

I am a native Oklahoman, and have lived here my entire life. However,  I have traveled to most of our 50 states, the Carribean and to Southeast Asia. If I were to live outside the United States, I would love to live in the city/state of Singapore in Asia. Although the humidity there is much higher than I am accustomed to, I love the city itself. It is pristinely clean, modern, and full of opportunity. This is a city for any traveler who loves to eat! Variety is abundant.


I would also consider living in any state where there are mountains and cool summer weather – Durango, Colorado being one of my most recent favorites. I love the Seattle area as well, especially the Olympic National Park. The temperatures are mild year round and the humidity, while higher than in other parts of the country, is tolerable because of those mild temperatures. The older I get the more I understand the snow bird phenomenon! Extreme temperatures are harder and harder to tolerate these days.

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About Denise K

Denise has over 25 years experience in personal writing and in teaching personal and professional development courses. She combines her extensive training as a facilitator of adult learning programs with her genuinely warm sense of humor to deliver workshops that are both fulfilling and fun. Denise holds a Masters' degree from Oklahoma State University, is a Certified Journal Instructor and is currently pursuing the Certified Journal Facilitator credential through the Center for Journal Therapy in Denver, CO.
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